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        Juan Guevara
Mr.'G' Agric.Teacher
Our Agriculture class is a Florida Dept. of Education, ESE Exploratory Vocational Agriculture for middle and high school students, for special diploma credits.
The courses taught are: “Agriculture Education” (7980040), ”Pre-Vocational, Agriculture” (7980030), and/or “Exploratory Vocational” (7880010)

Our class in Vocational Agriculture is part of the Florida sequence on Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources program.
This course has been modeled incorporating rigorous, relevant and criteria referenced lessons, and has been written specifically as a component of the overall ESE Education, Agriscience and Natural Resources program in Hillsborough County, Tampa, Florida.
The classes are oriented to Reinforce Classroom Behavior necessary for future work in the classroom, developmental level or skills that can be used at home, in the working environment and in the community.

Our classes are written primarily for sixth–twelfth grade students. This course have been designed to be taught at many different levels.  Generally, the teacher will meet with each class for approximately fifty five minutes per day for five days per week.  This course encompasses nine Units of Study, with each Unit consisting of two to six student activities.  The time it takes to complete each student activity will vary, with some activities lasting two to three class periods while others last as much as five or six class periods.  The student activities have been created to meet the Florida Department of Education Curriculum Frameworks for ESE Agriculture Education and to incorporate mathematics, science, language arts and social studies academic concepts.

Our agriculture class is designed to develop competencies in various areas of the State Agricultural Program. We use a learn-by-doing method and “hands on” approach to help students gain the knowledge and skills they need to be responsible & productive citizens.~ This mission is accomplished by creating a safe and inclusive learning environment. The overall purpose of this course is to help students be more aware of where their food, clothing and shelter comes from and to help them appreciate the agriculture industry in today’s changing society.

Another purpose of this course is to acquaint students with basic agriculture concepts and develop a general understanding and appreciation of the broad field of agriculture, food and natural resources. The nine Units of Study, each lasting between four to six class periods, are:

Unit 1.-        Classroom and Safety Rules
Unit 2.-        Tools, Identification, Use and Safety of Long & Short Handle Tools,
                Sharp Cutting Tools and Garden Tools.
Unit 3.-        Parts of the Living Plant: Roots, Trunk/Branches, Leaves, Flowers
and Fruits/Seeds; Plants Life Cycle & Photosynthesis.
Unit 4.-        Embryology and Egg Development & Parts.
Unit 5.-        Parts of the farm Animals: Chicken/Broiler, Cattle, Dairy & Beef, Goats & Sheep, Rabbits and Horses
Unit 6.-        Farm Animal Breeds
Unit 7.-        Farm Animal Family Names, e.g., bull, cow, heifer, steer…
Unit 8.-        ESE Agriculture Abilities Competition, Prepare & Participate.
Unit 9.-        Maintenance, Weeding, Pruning & Fertilizing the Farm Area.

We will be having two field trips during the school year.
1.- Florida State Fair on February 10th.
2.- ESE Agriculture Abilities Competition, on Tuesday May 17th.

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