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August 2017

Dear Parents/Caregivers:

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year!

This year our school theme is: HEROES.  Heroes come in all shapes and sizes.  Did you know that there are heroes and super heroes and not all heroes wear capes?  This year, students are going to be encouraged to be the hero of their own story.

Christopher Reeve said it best:
“A hero is an ordinary individual who finds strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.”

Families are going to learn together at Caminiti Exceptional Center.  As a Title 1 school, we are going to focus on developing our partnerships with our parents and caregivers.  In fact, our annual Title 1 meeting will take place immediately following Open House on Tuesday, August 8, 2017.  
Save the Date!
Open House:  1:00PM – 3:00PM
School Tours:  2:30PM – 3:00PM
Annual Title 1 Meeting :  3:00PM – 4:00PM
* First Day of School:  Thursday, August 10, 2017

As always, thank you for being a partner in your child’s education.
You are the real heroes!

Roberta Jakubowski

*You will receive a call from your child’s bus driver regarding pickup and drop off times.
If you need SPARKS After School Care please register at:
Por favor llamen a la escuela al 975-7611 si necesita esta carta traducida.  Pregunte por Mr. G. Gracias

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Teacher Certification

The following teachers are certified but working on additional

certification in specific areas:

Teacher Name
Certification Working Toward
Brigid Reilley
Julio Encinosa
Tracy Rath